Moulding. Casting. Processing. Refining

Moulding shop and melting shop

The SHB plant in Leipzig is one of the most advanced foundries in Europe. Whether you request cast parts in series production or individual parts, SHB is equipped to meet the most stringent demands. We are able to achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency with three moulding methods. 

machine mouldingsize1400 x 1300 x 400/400 mm
weight20 kg to 700 kg
volumemid-range to large series
mechanised hand mouldingsizeup to 3000 x 1800 x 900 mm
weightu p to 8.000 kg
volumesmall and mid-range series
Hand mouldingsizemax. height 1800 mm
weightup to 8.000 kg
volumeone-off pieces and small series


Special manufacturing facilities provide us with two high performance electric arc furnaces, each having a 7.5-tonne capacity for the melting of low and high alloy steels. With the help of a 1.1-tonne modern induction furnace, we produce materials and batch sizes flexibly.

Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing is carried out in our company using conventional as well as modern NC and CNC-controlled machine tools.  Turning, milling, planning or sinkhole drilling – we offer the perfect solution for every need.

 B = borehole, depth = 1000 mm
The size of the workpiece depends on the tool and machining type.

DescriptionType of machine Machining accuracy [mm] work- piece size [mm]weight [t]
KC 150/1Union horizontal boring and milling machinePa 0,008 3500 x H 2000 x 2000 2 x 10
BFT 110Union horizontal boring and milling machineB>0,05/L=0,21250 x 1450 height15006,3
CWK 1000horizontal CNC-machining centreB>0,03/L=0,251500 x 1550 height 11002,5
MAHO 1600 CNC-machining centreB>0,03/L=0,031800 x 980 height 750 3,0 
FH 55 S horizontal CNC-machining centreB>0,01/L=0,01D 730x900 0,8
C500 II-IVCNC-milling machine B>0,4/L>0,42500 x450 height 7003,0 
TNA 600CNC-turning machineB>0,025/L>0,025D 450–D 520 x 2500,35
DS 3CNC-centre latheB>0,15/L>0,15D 390–D 410 x 250-15000,25-1,5 
1525CNC-vertical turning machine B>0,8/L>0,8D 2400-2700 height 15006,3 
SKQ 8NC-vertical turning machine B>0,05/L>0,25D 710-D 920 height 6503,5 
SKQ 12NC-vertical turning machine B>0,05/L>0,05D 1150-D1400 height 8005,0 
HZFS 5000planing machine II>0,3/L>0,31600 x 5000 height 2000-
HZFS 6000 planing machineII>0,3/L>0,3 1600 x 5000 height 2000-
FBDW 2planing machineII>0,25/L>0,5 500 x 2500 height 7503,0
PYE 63S1Hydraulic presspressure ≤ 60theight 650-
BR 50Radial- drilling machine0,2--
RFH 75Radial- drilling machine1--
RF31 /ARadial- drilling machine1--
HES 260BandsawII>0,8 D 250 (250 x 400)-
FCV 63 Milling machineII>0,5500 x 2000 height 700 -
SNA 560Turning machineB>0,05/L>0,1D 320 (D 580) x 1500 -
SNA 800Turning machineB>0,15/L>0,25D 500 (D 830) x 2000-

Fettling shop and Heat Treatment

In our modern fettling shop, the components obtain the required finishing through flame cutting, jointing, welding and reciprocating grinding. The essential mechanical and technical values can be adjusted using a correct heat treatment method.

 Heat treament methods

  • Annealing 
  • Quenching and Tempering in various mediums (tempering after quenching):
    • Air (different movements)
    • Hardening oil (modified high- Performance quenching oil)
    • Polymer solution (different concentrations possible)
    • Water
  • Austenitising
  • Soft annealing 
  • Stress relieving
FurnaceQuantiymax. work- piece
(length x width x height) 
max. tonnagetemperature range
high-temperature furnace HTO 1-4 4 x3000 x 1450 x 800 mm

5000kg annealing
3000kg q/t

600 - 1300 °C (No. 2)
600 - 1050 °C (No. 1,3,4)

low- temperature furnace NTO 1-55 x3000 x 1450 x 800 mm max. 5000kg 400 - 720 (750)°C 
hardening baths3 x

23000 litres for each quenching medium 
oil, Polymer, water

max. 3000kg for quenching
(length/width/height – 4300x2970x1920 mm)

cooling chamber1 x 3000 x 1450 x 800 mm 

5000kg annealing
3000kg q/t

stationairy air, 1 or 2 fans
pre- heating furnace1 x 3500 x 3500 x 1500 mm max. 10000 kg annealingup to 1000 °C
Bogie heart furnace1 x10000 x 2800 x 800 mm30000 kg annealing, stress- relieving, soft annealing  400 - 1050 °C