The right material for each challenge

Extreme heat or cold, aggressive chemicals or high tractive forces often lead to enormous load on the casting. SHB offers a wide range of high-quality materials, thereby presenting the right product for each demand.

SHB processes the following casting materials

Materials are normally manufactured as per the current standard specifications. Furthermore, we fulfil special requirements in terms of chemical analysis and mechanical-technological parameters. Modern annealing furnaces and cooling mediums are available for obtaining the desired delivery status.

We would like to advise you and help you select the right material for your requirements.

quaranteed mechanical properties
Yield strengthTensile strengthElongationCharpy
DesriptionMaterial No. DINRelated Standard

delivery condition

N/mm²N/mm²%Kjoule ISO-V RT
GE2001.0420DIN EN 10293Nt<= 300mm200380-5302527
GE2401.0446DIN EN 10293Nt<= 300mm240450-6002227
GE 2601.0552DIN 1681N260520-6501822
GE3001.0558DIN EN 10293Nt<= 30mm300600-7501527
GP240GH (GS-C25)1.0619DIN EN 10213-22404202227
WCB1.0619ASTM A216-89250485-65522-
G20Mn51.1120DIN 17182, DIN 12093, DIN EN 10213-2Q/T360500-6502250
A4BS 3100t<= 100mm175500-7003060
G21Mn51.1138SEW 685Q/Tt<= 100mm300480-6202085
Nt<= 30mm300480-6202055
G24Mn61.1118SEW 520, DIN 10293, DIN EN 10340Q/Tt<= 50mm550700-8001227 (-20)
G28Mn61.1165DIN 10293Nt<= 250mm260520-6701827
Q/Tt<= 50mm550700-8501031
GS36Mn51.1167SEW 835Q/Tt<= 40mm600830-10001025
G46Mn41.1159SEW 835t<= 250mm33059014-
G37MnSi51.5124key to steelQ/T
G20Mo5 (G22Mo4)1.5419DIN EN 10213, DIN EN 10293, DIN 17245Q/Tt<= 100mm245440-5902227
G17CrMo5-51.7357DIN EN 10213-2, DIN EN 10293Q/T315490-6902027
G17CrMoV5-101.7706DIN EN 10213-2Q/Tt<= 150mm440590-7801527
G17CrMo9-101.7379SEW 520, DIN 10293, DIN EN 10213Q/T400590-7401840
G22CrMo5-41.7354key to steel
G14NiCrMo10-61.6779SEW 520, SEW 685t<= 150mm550650-8001690
G18NiMoCr3-61.6759SEW 520, DIN EN 10340t<= 80mm700830-9801240
G22NiMoCr5-61.6760SEW 520t<= 50mm9501050-12001040
G25CrMo41.7218DIN 17205Q/T345540-6901855
G26CrMo41.7221SEW 685, DIN EN 10293:2005Q/Tt<= 100mm550700-8501018
G30CrMoV6-41.7725DIN 17205, DIN EN 10293Q/Tt<= 100mm750900-11001231
G34CrMo41.7220DIN 17205Q/Tt<=100mm540700-8501235
G35CrMoV10-41.7755DIN 17205
G42CrMo41.7321DIN EN 10293Q/Tt<=100mm600800-9501231
G30NiCrMo8-51.6570DIN EN 10293Q/Tt<= 100mm700850-10001650
G33NiCrMo7-4-41.6740DIN 17205Q/Tt<= 100mm9501050-12501035
G34CrNiMo61.6582DIN 17205
G35CrNiMo6-61.6579DIN EN 10293 (06/05)Nt<= 150mm550800-9501231
G90MnCrV8-DIN 17350
GX120Mn131.3802SEW 395, DIN 10349A340680-78030-
GX120MnCrMo12-11-works standard 
GX120MnCr12-2 -works standard
EN-JN3 049 (GX260Cr27)5.5610DIN EN 12513
EN-JN3 049 (GX300CrMo27-1)5.5610DIN EN 12513
EN-JN2 049 (GX300CrNiSi9-5-2)5.5605DIN EN 12513
EN-JN3 029 (GX300CrMo15-3)5.5608DIN EN 12513
GX2CrNiN26-7-41.4469DIN EN 10213/10283480650-8502250
GX2CrNiMoN22-5-31.4470DIN EN 10283, DIN EN 10213t<= 150mm420600-80020-
GX2CrNiMoN18-101.4404SEW 410205440-6403080
GX2CrNiMoN26-7-41.4469EN 10213-4, EN 10283t<= 150mm480650-8502250
GX4CrNi13-41.4317DIN EN 10213-2/EN10283/EN 10293/EN 10340/SEW520t<= 150mm920980-11301027
GX5CrNi13-41.4313DIN 17445Q/Tt<= 150mm920980-11301027
GX5CrNi19-101.4308DIN EN 10213-4, DIN EN 10283t<= 150mm175440-6403060
GX5CrNiMo19-11-21.4408DIN EN 10213-4, DIN EN 10283t<= 150mm185440-6403060
GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-21.4581DIN EN 10213/10283t<= 150mm185440-6402540
GX6CrNiMo18-101.4408DIN 17445185440-6403060
GX7CrNiMo12-11.4008DIN EN 10283440590-7801527
GX8CrNi121.4107EN 10213-2355540-6901845
GX8CrNi131.4008DIN 17445440590-7801527
GX20Cr141.4027SEW 410440590-79012-
GX23CrMoV12-11.4931DIN EN 10293, DIN EN 10213-2Q/Tt<=150mm540740-8801527
GX40CrSi171.4740EN 10295
GX40CrNiSi25-201.4848EN 10295/SEW 5952204508-
GX40CrNiSi25-121.4837EN 102952204506-
GX45CrNiW25-25-2-works standard
GNiCrW282.4879DIN EN 10295, SEW 595220400-6003-
32CrMo121.7361EN 10250/SEW 550t<= 250mm685880-10801031
(GX2CrNiMoN 22-5-3)
1.4470DIN EN 10213, DIN EN 10283420>=6002030
Invarstahl1.3912DIN 1715-1, DIN 17745, SEW 385