The way ahead

Tradition and future - In 1894, Max Heller started a steel business in Leipzig, which is more than a 100 years old today. It transformed from a trading business to an industrial company over decades. New locations and an eventful history are the stepping stones to today’s SHB, which is currently one of the most modern foundries in Europe.


Max Heller founded "Max Heller Stahlhandel" in Leipzig


In Bösdorf, the Company is now being expanded as the successor of Firma Max Heller


Resumption of production in Bösdorf with 70 employees


Groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant in Leipzig- Knautnaundorf


Commissioning of the production facilities in the newly built plant in Knautnaundorf. The plant in Bösdorf made way for the soft coal opencast mining in Zwenkau.


Stahl- und Hartgusswerk Bösdorf was hived off as a limited company for the lignite plant construction and the ownership was transferred to a trust 



Stahl- und Hartgusswerk Bösdorf AG was founded


Founded as SHB Stahl- und Hartgusswerk Bösdorf GmbH as a Joint venture with DiHAG Deutsche Giesserei- und Industrie- Holding Aktiengesellschaft


Commissioning of the automatic HWS moulding line 


Commissioning of the mechanised MHF hand-moulding shop, the fettling shop, the UNION boring mill


Acquisition by DiHAG Holding GmbH


Modernisation of the hand- moulding line for heavy castings, set-up of a fettling centre for heacy cast parts with preheating furnace, fettling and test Chambers and welding Workstation.